Thursday, 31 July 2014

Going Wireless on Raspbmc with MT7601

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$35 for a PC, that's Raspberry Pi. You can hook it to a monitor, speakers, USB peripherals as well as the Internet; there are pretty lots of ways you can use it for. I am using it for a menial task though - as a HTPC in my living room.

Raspberry Pi Model B
Raspberry Pi Model B

Raspberry Pi runs on Linux, which is a scary OS for the majority of computer users (including me) who are unfamiliar with it. For me, the biggest challenge was installing the driver for my USB wi-fi dongle, which is not supported by Raspbian out-of-the-box. It took me a weekend of googling and hours of trial and error to finally get it working. (There were numerous times when I almost threw the dongle out of the window because of frustration.) Therefore, I am writing this post for my future reference. Perhaps it might also benefit any other readers are having trouble setting up their wi-fi dongle.