Sunday, 4 July 2010

Cult of the Apple

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Two days before May 28, hundreds of people started lining up in the streets of Ginza. Tension flared as policemen attempt to keep the sidewalks open amidst hordes of fans. No, dude, they weren't waiting to shake hands with the Pope. Haven't you been following the news? It was the launch of the iPad, dude!

Still remember the time when iPhone was launched? We thought it was the coolest gadget ever invented! Who could have thought the guys would size it up to make a ubercool gadget? They call it the iPad. Whoa! My friends have one, so do my neighbour's pet dog. I ought to get one for myself too. In fact, I would get one for my grandma's 81-st birthday too.

Out of the Sandbox, Template V3

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After a week's tweaking, the new template is finally out! It has been tested on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. (For your reference, out of the five major web browsers, Chrome ranks number one in terms of performance while IE ranks the last.) Although I have tried my best to optimize it to IE, there is no reason to forgo the many features not supported by the browser. During the development of this template, I felt the urge to walk up to the developers of IE and wag the middle finger at them.