Monday, 24 August 2009

Even a Supermodel Needs a Rest

Even a Supermodel Needs a Rest
Not a very sharp one but I couldn't step down more than this because of the lightings. Man, cam-whoring in the middle of the night is tiring! Especially when you've been sleeping before eleven for the last five days! Taking your self portrait means you're doing both the photographer's and the model's job. It's twice as demanding as typical photography.

Earlier that day, I was browsing through Dustin Diaz's photostream on Flickr. As much as I'm inspired by his fantastic self-portraits, I'm also aware that they aren't what I can possibly achieve without the fancy props.

But, hey, improvisation, dude. And lots of patience!

Undoubtedly, it calls for manual mode. After taking a few trial shots, the aperture settings and shutter speed were decided. Then, placing my broken tripod at the shooting spot, I set the focus on it and switched the camera to manual focus. The room lights were turned off and the kitchen lights were used instead as the illumination.

Finally, all it takes is to walk over and snap, snap, check.

Unless you're both a pro-photographer with fancy props and a supermodel with photogenic looks, it's probably going to take more than a few shots to get a decent one with a sharp focus. For ugly amateurs like me, it can be pretty painstaking.

Now I know what I want for my birthday: A studio, strobists and supermodels!

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