Saturday, 22 May 2010

Ribs of Steel

Ribs of Steel

Tokyo International Forum, 東京国際フォーラム
Completed in 1996, this futuristic glass atrium was designed by New York architect, Rafael Vinolyl. The building is supported by an innovative truss system, which is shaped in the likes of a ship's hulk. Amazingly, the only structures that hold up the whole building are the two beams on either ends. The walkway in the building slowly winds up from the lower floors to the upper floors and is linked from one side to the other on certain floors.

Tokyo International Forum is a stone's throw away from Yurakucho station, and slightly further than that from Tokyo station, both of which are the main stations in the heart of metropolitan Tokyo.

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m3lange said...

Near Tokyo stn. Tokyo International Forum?

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§nóflèk said...

i've never seen it this angle before even though i've been there so many times! nice one :)