Saturday, 26 February 2011

First Anniversary (Part III) - Resolutions

I hate to be apart from you. Some nights, after putting down the phone, it's hard to fall asleep even though I've just talked to you. The deafening silence of the room reminds me how much I miss you. A girl who's willing to wait for his return - what else can a guy wish for? Remember the hesitance we had before we got together? How we worried if things would work out even though we're apart? I thought it would be irresponsible of me to keep you waiting. But at the same time, there is this selfish desire of wanting you for myself. That is why when you eventually promised to be with me, I fell in love with you even more.

A year has passed since we've got together. All this while, the phone has been our lifeline. Though we are physically apart, I've never left you. You know that I'm always a phone call away, whenever you want me to - when you're stressed at work, when you wanted to tell me how much you like that dress you saw in the department store, or when you simply miss me and wish to hear my voice. Because that's the least I could do for a girl who has given me so much. But sometimes, I wonder if it is me who has grown more dependant on you, or you on me. I've lost track of how often I confided in you my anxieties. But never a time have you neglected me. Instead, you would always reassure me with that gentle voice, that you would stand by my side. It is knowing that I have your support, that keeps me going.

When two persons are truly in love, there's no longer "you" or "me". There's just "us". Being together means our joys are doubled and burdens halved. Going through the good times and bad times together would bond us even stronger. We dream of having a warm family. It would be a little world that completely belongs to us. We'll set the house rules together (e.g., keep a fresh stock of eggs in the fridge at all times); we'll paint the walls white (i.e., the way you like them). We'll teach our kids calligraphy and maths (and Japanese?); we'll make sure they have a happy childhood. We'll keep each other company till we get old. There's a long way ahead of us.

Disney stories and fairy tales alike, tell of how the girl met the prince and how they eventually got together. Then there's the always clichéd ending of "...and they lived happily ever after". It's as if getting together is the ultimate goal of a relationship. But in reality, getting together is only part of the story. Being together is the other half. You'll find out that I have the habit of falling asleep during warm showers; instead of getting mad at me, knock the door and wake me up. You'll find out that I have a success rate of 1% in taking good photos; instead of being disappointed in me, pat me in the back and give me a word of encouragement. I'll bribe you with egg sandwiches (yummy) so please be patient with me. You're all I have in my life.

Thirty days left till I return to your side. Can't wait to hold your hands and tell you I miss you.

Happy first anniversary. And here's to many more happy years together. I love you.

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