Monday, 14 November 2011

Catching Sunrise, Revisited

Breaking Dawn I'm not posting holiday photos. This is sunrise in Penang. If you've spent some time in Penang before, look closer and you'll probably recognize that tiny patch of black trees as the tiny island close to Penang bridge. And on the horizon is Butterworth on the mainland.
If you're thinking it's impossible to catch such a view in Penang, you can't be any more wrong. Sometimes, a shutter chance takes more than a pinch of luck. We didn't happen to be there during sunrise. In fact, we came out of the bed earlier than usual, just to get these photos!

I don't know what's with this sunrise thingy. It seems to have turned into an obsession. But if I'm going to catch beautiful views like this, sacrificing some sleep is fair enough. You can always catch a quickie in the afternoon after all!
Breaking Dawn This time, we came to a different spot along the coastal highway, right under the ramp that leads onto the Penang Bridge. It turns out there's some narrow road that leads to the place. Bring it up on Google Map and you're sure to find it.
Breaking Dawn It's a pity how short a sunrise can last. In less than ten minutes, they sky got too bright to be as beautiful anymore. By the way, this is a view of the ongoing construction along the coastal highway that I mentioned in the previous post. A good whole stretch of the sea is now completely being obstructed. If you're thinking of catching sunrise, better not wait anymore because there's just a few vantage points left.

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