Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Praying to the Rain God

22 July 2009. The longest solar eclipse in the century; 6 minutes and 39 seconds. It's said to be the biggest phenomenon of the century. In fact, this is one of reasons they call this the International Year of Astronomy.

Meanwhile astrologists warn of disasters. People like me, who were born under the sign of Libra, are advised to stay home and wear the briefs over the pants. And those who can't avoid going out should hang a chicken foot around the neck. Failing to do so will result in eternal damnation. And by that, I believe they refer to getting a perennial wart in the butthole.

I had a wart on my right hand before and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I can't imagine getting a wart in the butthole but to hell with it! Who's going to miss the chance of witnessing this rare event?

Initially, I thought it would be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take photos but after doing a quick research, I had not choice but to ditch the plan. First, a solar filter for lenses costs at least ten grand. Then, to get anything more than a bright, tiny blot, you need a focal length of 2000mm ideally, or at least 1000mm. Obviously, we're talking about getting a telescope here. Of course, a workaround is to get a 500mm lens and double the focal length with an extender, but whoa, as if I work for National Geographic!

Plan B.

I looked all over the internet for solar filters but they were all sold out. Heck, I even considered getting one from an auction site, if only people weren't as desperate as to be willing to spend more than two grand on a filter. But luckily, after checking more than a dozen online stores, it finally paid off. I managed to grab two solar filters!

Unfortunately, it was a little too early to do my victory wardance. Because, the weatherman is predicting a cloudy weather in the morning!

After all this anticipation?

Hell, I need to make some sacrificial offerings to the rain god...

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