Monday, 24 October 2011

Khoo Kongsi

Penang:: Khoo KongsiWhen the Chinese migrated to Malaysia (then Malaya) about 200 years ago, they formed closely-knit communities. Those who shared the same surname lived together and watched over each other. In the Hokkien community in early Penang, there were Five Big Clans, namely, Khoo, Cheah, Yeoh, Lim and Tan. These communities built their clanhouses and formed settlement around them.
Penang:: Khoo Kongsi Khoo Kongsi is one of the most distinctive clan house in Malaysia. It is located in a secluded section of Georgetown, Penang. Its illustrious design and craftsmanship show the effort put into building it. It consists of an ancestral and clan dwellings surrounded by residences and shophouses such as this one above. Penang:: Khoo Kongsi The main section of ancestral hall in Khoo Kongsi is dedicated to Cheng Soon Keong (the Great Duke) and Tua Sai Yah (the Noble), both who were brave warriors of the Jin Dynasty (4th century) known for their bravery. They were later deified and became the patron saints of the Khoo clan. Penang:: Khoo Kongsi Despite being a well-known tourism spot (especially since the filming of Anna and the King at the place), the exact location of Khoo Kongsi remains relatively unknown to the locals of Penang. It is hidden amidst the residences built around it and is accessible only through a secluded alleyway. Unless you look it up on the map beforehand, it is unlikely you'll get to the place. Penang:: Khoo Kongsi But once you find your way there, you'll surely be mesmerized by the grandeur of the architecture. Its magnificence is of a different kind from the cathedrals of Rome. It is one that speaks of the unique heritage of Penang. If the walls could speak, they would be telling you stories about how the life was during the colonial era. Khoo Kongsi is a place worth visiting, whether you're a local or a foreigner. Although regrettably, I find the RM10 entrance fee a little too expensive.

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Yap! It's 3088.. said...

didn't know this place exists in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing.

K.O.J.A. said...

RM 10 is actually pretty cheap. I guess I was in Singapore for too long :P

Kryptos said...

KOJA> It used to be free admission. Then they started collecting RM5. Now it's RM10. It's true they need funding to maintain the place. But the 100% hike is ridiculous. No wonder they're having less visitors nowadays. Maybe they should be doing Singaporean business instead.