Sunday, 12 June 2011

Evening At the Park

It has been months since my last post. Ever since I started working more than two months ago, free time has become a luxury. On the weekdays, daytime and nighttime is but an alternate between work and sleep. Weekends meanwhile, are for slumbering and being unproductive, except for the very few occasions when I'd somehow force myself out for a photo session.

But what's a photo session without my beloved Zhi, who's also my faithful camera assistant (she carries the lenses for me) cum photo model? And so, poor Zhi was dragged along to the Youth Park, on a hot sunny day when stepping out of the house is hardly a welcoming idea for the sane mind.

Thankfully, our session was a fruitful one. We came back with a number of satisfying shots.
Evening at the Park :: Gotcha!
Evening at the Park :: Dreamy Saturday Evening
Evening at the Park :: Camel's Hump
Evening at the Park :: On the Stilt
Evening at the Park :: At the Front of the Janitor's Storeroom

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