Saturday, 3 January 2009

Haroh, New York

This was my third excursion to Odaiba. The first one was when Dan and his family came over to Japan. We somehow managed to stumble our way to the Yurikamome Line at Shimbashi. The second time, I walked all the way to the island from Tsukiji, crossing the famous Rainbow Bridge. But that was one of the things you would want to do only once in a lifetime.

So, this time, I decided to try the Rinkai Line instead, partly because I thought it would be more fun than sticking to the same route, and primarily because it was cheaper. The station where I headed to: Tokyo Teleport station.

You bet it got its name for a reason, for I ended up in New York!

Lady Liberty
Hello New York! Uh, I mean, haroh New York! It wasn't the busy crossing at New York Times Square. But evidently, it was New York, because Lady Liberty was there looming over me!

Okay. Enough nonsense. This photo was shot at - where else, if not Odaiba? To those who are not well-informed, Lady Liberty has got a bunch of sisters around the world. One of them, can be found in Odaiba. Naturally, it is a famous photo spot for tourists. But just to clear things up, the replica is located at quite some distance from Tokyo Teleport station, near a place called Palette Town.

Speaking of Palette Town, you've got this gigantic ferris wheel.

What's Your Colour?
Cosmo Clock 21 at Yokohama, Big-O at Tokyo Dome City... It sounds as if the Japanese are a bunch of ferris wheel maniacs, doesn't it? Oh, should I also add that they're obsessive with rankings too? This one was voted as the ferris wheel with the best night view in Japan. (Number two comes Cosmo Clock 21.) In addition, it's supposedly the biggest ferris wheel in the world.

I love those colourful carriages. Doesn't the ferris wheel resemble a gigantic rotating colour palette? What could be a more befitting landmark for Palette Town, eh?

Alright, next stop, Venice.

You see, travelling is so much easier when you can bend space and time. All you need is to concentrate hard, and blink.

The Hearbeat of Venus
Buongiorno, signori, e benvenuti a Venezia!

Alright, this is Fort Venus, a shopping mall with a Venetian touch. It has a ceiling that gradually changes from a clear blue sky in the day to an orangy one at dusk and to a starry sky at night. Couple that with the European frescoes - voila, you've got a romantic dating spot. In fact, it was chosen as a "Lovers' Sanctuary" in the year 2007. Yeah, true enough, it is the best shopping mall I've been to in Japan. Prior to this, I thought they were all crampy.

And while I was checking up the official site of Fort Venus just now, I discovered this. Look at the photo again. See the inverted pyramid right on top of the fountain? Supposedly, there's a "heart shining in pink". You can't see it because it is hidden. But there's one spot from where it is visible. Those who can spot the heart will be blessed by Venus. "Blessed", exactly in what way, I don't know. But oh, what did they call her? The goddess of love?

Dang, that's motivation enough for me to pay the place a second visit. Who knows I might get a heavenly-sent angel by 14 February!

Now, concentrate... Concentrate... And, blink!

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