Tuesday, 6 January 2009

What's Your Colour?

[Artwork] What's Your Colour?
What's your colour?

Currently, I am feeling green. It's totally different from "seeing green". When one says he's "feeling blue", it means he's feeling down, dejected. "Feeling green", meanwhile, is an expression I coined to relate to my current mental state.

While green symbolizes life and renewal in the nature, "feeling green" carries a contrary meaning. According to A Contemporary Dicksionary of Newly-Coined Terms, "green" can mean:
14. low in spirits; unmotivated; lifeless; lethargic: Many people feel green during the holidays.
Yes. And I'm one of the "many people".

Winter vacation is almost over but I haven't managed to finish anything. First, there're reports sitting on my desk, five or six, I can faintly recall. Only one is half done. Second, 26 pages of documents to be translated. It's a freelance thingy I'm doing but only six pages have been done.

Uh, how long do I have till classes resume?

Including today, two.

Worse still, there's work today and tomorrow, where three more reports await.


What on earth have I been doing these past two weeks? It's like someone sped up the clock - I bet only one week has passed since winter vacation started. This is so unfair! One day should be as long as 48 hours.

Okay, I do recall the excursions during the Christmas and New Year week, where I spent half of my monthly budget on. Then there was a few days of work, more outings, a party and uh, well that's all.

The rest of the time, I beguiled with blogging. Two weeks after moving to this new blog and this is my fifteenth post - that's an average of one post a day. Okay, now that took away another chunk of my holiday.

Then there's all this time wasted when I just sit in front of the desk, zoning out. To a bystander, I would have looked not much animated than a pot of cactus.

But that's holiday, isn't it? You lose motivation, get lethargic and unproductive. Then when it comes to an end, you lament over your indolence.

Hell I hate holidays.

4 persons flung their shoes:

K.O.J.A. said...

ok, besides all your ramblings, i see the cactus again.

well, cactus are green too.

Kryptos said...

yes i'm aware of the cactus metaphor.

i'm also aware that this uncanny preference for cactuses in writing is shared by the famous michael crichton.

if you'd allow me to quote from his book, Next, on the subject about a transgenic cactus containing human genetic material:

"The cactus with all its hairs coming out is showing all the desires, all the signs of sexuality. It doesn't want to be trapped. It wants to be released."

soni758 said...

Haha I agree my holidays has totally been unproductive too.
I had one day left to do homework, I even sunk as low as to blame my goldfish XD

Cactus... good metaphor XD

Kryptos said...

soni>> good luck to your assignments! my classes resumed today and boy, i'm going to have 8 exams end of this month and early next february... :S