Saturday, 14 March 2009

Original Sin

Being a superhero is not only about fighting super villains and saving the world. Me, for instance, pose for the camera in my free time.

This is not a composite; it's telekinesis. All you need is patience, patience. It works if you stare at the apple long enough. After all, "Rules are meant to be broken," they say. So does the law of gravity.

No, I'm not joking... Well, at least not about the photo not being a composite. Now, this is what I really did. Prep the camera, toss the apple and press the remote. Simple as that. All it takes is timing and practice. This technique was inspired by Rebekka's ingenious shot of the floating apple,

I had a tough time deciding whether to make this into a biblical them or a Deathnote theme, but went for the former since it's more widely known than the latter. A friend, though, suggested that I should have gone naked to better fit the theme...


Also: See non-captioned version

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