Monday, 30 March 2009

"Wednesday" Evening

Ready to Spring
The sakura's are all ready for spring. It won't be long before they all spring to full blossom.

Pardon me for being clichéd , but there's only one way of saying this: time flies! Come spring, it'll be my fourth year in Japan. Which means at least two more years here. Chances are, I'll be here for many years to come but by the time I finish my undergraduate studies, I'd be 25. Presuming 75 is the average lifespan, I'll have spent one third of my life.

50 years is a long way to go, you say, eh? Well, think again.

Have you ever felt how time speeds up after Wednesday? Monday always seems like a long way till the weekend. Having five consecutive days of work or school ahead of you isn't much of a welcoming thought. But the least you can do is to indulge yourself in making the weekend plans, the sole source where motivation can be derived from.

But once you make it through Wednesday, it'd be the weekend before long.

Now, using that as an analogy, by the time you reach 25, it's "Wednesday" evening. And thereof, it takes only a blink before the weekend comes.

Weekends are cool, of course. Late Friday night, lazy Saturday morning, and the much-anticipated Sunday outing...

Well, you can always look forward to your Sunday outing, but you can never tell whether if it's going to rain just to screw up your plans.

This is really no pessimism. It's just a realistic view on life.

Oh well, I guess this is what they call midlife crisis.

3 persons flung their shoes:

Zzzyun said...

haha i think u are abit too young for midlife crisis yet!! shld be around 30s or 40s at least...haha

K.O.J.A. said...

Midlife liao? Take photo of your potbelly before u talk :D

Kryptos said...

zzzyun> it's never too early to worry about when u're gonna die :(

koja> still in the process of growing one. hope i'm not following the steps of belly yeap :P