Thursday, 19 February 2009

Be Back Soon!

Be back soon!
Done packing my luggage and have learned enough Korean to get myself into a fistfight in the back alleys. So, I'm ready to set off tomorrow morning!

I'd like to write more but I just came home an hour ago and it's 1am now. I'm supposed to wake up 5 hours later and catch the 8.30 train! Oh well, it's my stay there which I'm more concerned about. Things may go wrong, you know, like I could board the wrong train and end up in Pyongyang.

Rest assured though, for I have my helpful guidebook with me, which lists out emergency phrases that could be life-saving. "죽이지 마!" for instance, (which means, "please don't kill me!") may come in handy when you're pointed at with a Swiss knife, or a bayonet, or a gun, or whatever. I'm sure I haven't amassed that much karma to end up in such a bizarre situation, but you can never be sure. The world is full of crazy people nowadays.

And of course, I'll try not to stray beyond the DMZ!

Be back in a week! 行ってきまぁ~す!

2 persons flung their shoes:

K.O.J.A. said...

Bye bye... don't end up in Russia :P

Kryptos said...

oh well, i didn't get to go to DMZ afterall. :(