Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gears of Change

Our relationship didn't work out. The brakes failed for the second time - both the front and the rear ones. Obviously, she was bent on getting me killed! That happens when sweet love turns sour...

During our short one-and-a-half-year relationship, we went through thick and thin - a punctured tire, a possibly-sabotaged rear brake, a broken front reflector, misaligned gears and a broken mudguard... But finally, this was the last straw.

So, I picked up my broken pieces, and got myself a new bike! A cheap one that cost almost as much as the previous junk, but nevertheless the sexiest lass I've ever set my eyes upon!

Gears of Change
Look at her pretty gears. This was perfect for some macro shots. Sexy, no?

Boy, I'm going to ride her six days a week. What's that grin? You dirty-minded brat!

Switching Gears
While I was ogling her sexy parts, my neighbour walked by. Oops, I hope she didn't mistake me as a bike-0-philic!

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