Friday, 27 February 2009

Seoul in 6 Days

안녕하세요! I'm back from Seoul in one piece. No straying beyond the borders as I promised. (In fact, I didn't get to go to the DMZ because of the troublesome red tape for people from commonwealth countries.)

Six full days for Seoul was a tad too much. I thought about heading south towards Gyeongju but that would take more than a few days. So I kept that for another trip and stayed in Seoul throughout the trip. Believe it or not, by the sixth day, I started getting homesick already!

More than a vacation, the trip was a cultural experience that overwhelmed the senses. True, I had no worries about accommodation since Adrian and Wei Guang were kind enough to shelter me during my stay; Xiang Xin was helpful enough to offer me with travel advices; my Korean friends were nice enough to allocate their time to accompany me to several places; and I even got invited to a Korean home for lunch!

But despite that, I basically travelled alone. For a traveller whose Korean vocabulary is limited to words that would get his balls kicked by offended natives, it is a frustration getting yourself understood. It reminds me of my first days in Japan.

There're plenty of things I'd like to share but I just don't know where to start! Guess I'll just do it the lame way - logging my trip from Day 1 to Day 6. But before that, I've got to organize my photos. Be back soon!

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