Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My Girlfriend

My ego is like a flame. Feed it with log and it burns higher. Then it yearns for even more fuel. That's why I enjoy doing things I'm good at. The sense of achievement satiates the rapacious appetite of my ego.

A year after picking up photography, I still have plenty to learn. A lot of it comes from trial and error. Despite the occasional failures that deal blows to my delicate ego, I still enjoy my relationship with my EOS Kiss nevertheless. But more than anything, it's because I've no one else to date.

Now, stop laughing before your chair topples and listen me out. It isn't as pathetic as it sounds, mind you. Rest assured, I'm not a social recluse. I still have healthy interactions with humans. I go out with friends. But I enjoy traveling around, and sometimes friends don't make perfect traveling partners. My EOS Kiss, however, is always more than willing to keep me company.

For example, during our trip to Hiroshima, she didn't complain about the long distances we had to walk. Okay, on second thought, it was me who had to carry her around.

Now, what about the time when we went to Yamanaka Lake to catch sunset? The temperature was subzero but again, she didn't even nag. Instead, it was me who grumbled about stiff fingers and frozen ears.

And oh, she doesn't ask for Christmas gifts, or dinners at classy restaurants, or movie dates every Friday night. It saves all the unecessary expenditures. But then, getting her some accessories - a sturdy tripod, new lenses and filters - would make her happy. They do cost a lot but well, if she's happy, I'm happy too, right?

Most important of all, she never lets me down. Whenever I feel like going out for a date, I just need to invite her and she'd tag along, no turndowns. Well, except the rare occasions when I forgot to charge up her battery.

It doesn't matter if she doesn't talk to me. The songs on my iPhone keeps me entertained during our dates anyway. Still, I only wish she could give me some sympathetic response when I ramble about my problems. Or give me a warm hug when I feel down.

Boy, I need to date a real girl.

5 persons flung their shoes:

K.O.J.A. said...

ditch her. Your real girlfriend is your right hand.

Kryptos said...

bullshit, that wud b my left hand.

Zzzyun said...

err okay *reads comments above*

anyway, yes! u need to date a real girl :)

K.O.J.A. said...

oo, i never knew you are ambidextrous. BTW, u need to be a muslim to have both hands.

Kryptos said...

zyun>> i will, someday... maybe... o_O

koja>> erm, wat about the remaining three?